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Boba Jet is a 2D javascript / html5 canvas shooter.

Fight your way through various levels with your jetpack and your gun. Destroy all foes and travel through portals to rescue your brother.

Use arrow keys to move, S to shoot and X to reverse. You can change default controls in the controls panel.

Try to go as far as you can with limited lives in order to rank up in the leaderboard.

Don't forget you can reverse Boba to shoot in two directions.

Gameplay and physics engine

Most shoot'em up have no use for a physics engine. Controls response is direct and maximum speed is immediately reached and stopped when you push then release a control button. Collision response is useless either.

For Boba Jet I wanted to add some basic physical principles to improve the gameplay. If you want to change direction, pushing a button does not act directly on Boba. You add a force to Boba's velocity and he will accelerate progressively. When you release the button Boba will keep some momentum and decelerate progressively either.

Likewise if boba is hit by a bullet, a foe or a wall, he will react by bouncing in a realistic way.

Inertia and compensation

As I said above In a classic shoot'em up when you want to fly to a new position you push the proper button and release it when you arrive at destination. the ship will stop immediatly.

With a physics engine, mass, velocity and inertia produce a different feel. When you want to quickly stop the momentum you need to add an opposing force by pushing the opposite direction button resulting in more intense and fun controls.

Learn to compensate to efficiently control Boba.

Collision mask

Knowing where you can be hit and where you cannot in a shoot'em up is crucial. The collision mask or hitbox is the invisible shape used for real-time collision detection and is usually smaller than the player's sprite. Boba's collision mask is represented by the red circle in this image.

60 frames per second

I have worked hard to deliver steady 60 frames per second on a javascript game even on old computers like mine. It provides accurate and smooth controls over Boba. I hope you will feel the difference and enjoy it.

Developed for Chrome

See my Experiment on

I developed Boba Jet on Google Chrome. It doesn't mean it won't work properly on other browsers, but you will probably have better performances with Chrome. Anyway Chrome is definitely the browser to favour if your computer is slow.

Add to Google Chrome

Chrome store

You can add Boba Jet as an application in Google Chrome using the Chrome web store.

News and updates

05.29.2015 | Patch 1.1.0 is online

The game is now in full screen and the appĀ is fully responsive.
Smartphone, tablet or computer, the game will fit the screen whatever its size.

It is also playable on touchscreen devices or with a mouse.

03.06.2015 | Patch 1.0.9 is live

This patch improves few things.
It mainly gives a proper assets manager system to the game. With a nice progress bar to show the loading process. Allowing the page to load faster.

Read more >


I develop html5 games for fun on my spare time. All my games are free to play. If you like my games maybe you can consider making a donation to encourage me to continue.

Browser compatibility and performances

Performances of a html5 / Javascript game highly depend on your web browser and your processor. For a better frame rate use a browser with high Javascript performances. The differences between web browsers can be huge.

Don't hesitate to play the game on several browsers to find the better one for you.

About me

This html5 game has been created from scratch by Ludovic Cluber in 2013 to learn basics of video game programming and to build a reliable and comprehensive Javascript game engine.


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